FIFA MA Elite Referees Course

FIFA MA Elite Referees Course

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Amendments 2011/2012 - Interpretation Summary

Amendments to the FIFA Laws of the Game will be effective as of 1 July 2011.
Law 1. Field of Play
a. Only lines indicated in Law 1 are to be marked on the field of play.
On artificial surfaces, other lines are permitted provided that they are of different and clearly distinguishable color. Some artificial surfaces field are used for other games beside football.
b. The shape of the goals must be square, rectangular, round or elliptical but the distance in between the goal posts must be 7.32 meter.
Law 2. The ball
Replacement of defective ball - If the ball burst or becomes defective during a penalty kick or during kicks from the penalty mark as it moves forward and before it touches any player or the crossbar or goalposts, the kick is retaken.
If the ball bursts or becomes defective during the course of a match, the match is stopped and is restarted with a dropped ball.
Law 3 - The Number of players - only structural changes in the text.
Guidelines to referees - Extra person on the field of the play.
Team Officials
The coach and other official indicated on the team list are deemed to be team officials.
Law 4 - The Players' Equipment
Basic equipment
shorts - if undershorts or tights are worn, they must be of the same main color as the shorts.
The current Law permits tights or different color to the shorts to be worn. This result to confusion. This change requires the tights, if worn to be of the same main color as the shorts.
Law 5 - The Referee
Structural changes to the text on The Referee - Powers and Duties
If an extra ball entering the field of play ......
Law 8 - Start and Restart of Play
Structural amendment to the text.
Definition of dropped ball
A dropped ball is a method of restarting play when, while the ball is still in play, the referee is required to stop play temporarily for any reason not mentioned elsewhere in the Laws of the Game.
Other decisions of IFAB
1. Additional Assistant Referees (AARs) - experiment to continue. Use of AAR at UEFA EURO 2012.
2. Goal-line Technology (GLT) - this project to continue.
3. Law 4 -Players' Equipment
a. Usage of radio communication to be referred to FIFA Task Force Football (FTFF) 2014 for consideration.
b. Wearing of "snoods" (knitted head gear or scarf) and other similar clothing is not permitted.
4. Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct
Sending-Off offenses - will be referred to FTFF.
5. Vanishing Spray - approved the use of the vanishing spray by CONMEBOL on a trial basis.

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