FIFA MA Elite Referees Course

FIFA MA Elite Referees Course

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Management: Going into Extra Time or Penalty Shoot-out

Carrying out a task is not merely carrying it out but to have it performed with quality. What is quality performance in the management of situation prior to the extra time period or penalty shoot-out? Quality is having done as professional as possible, as efficient as possible. Efficient = lowest time + least effort.
The moment the referee makes the final whistle and if extra time period or the penalty shoot-out need to be carried out, the match officials have to make sure that this is being managed with professional attitude and efficient management. AR1 will ensure that no players leaves the field of play and no substitutes enter on the right side of the field, while the Fourth Official will attend to the team on the left side while waiting for the AR2 to come after having a drink or rest. When the AR2 takes over from the Standby, he then goes to the AR1 to take over his task to enable him a rest or a drink. Team officials (not substitutes) are allowed to enter to give drinks or discuss with the captain during this short break. The length of this period is subjected to the referee's discretion.
Meantime, as soon as possible after the referee take a rest or drink, he will get both the captains for the toss. Briefing to the assistant referees should have been done in the dressing room prior to the match or during the interval. The referee will then have the restart of the extra time period or the penalty shoot-out taken as soon as possible.
Having a task done as required is effective management but having it done with the least time, effort and professionally is efficiency in management.

Right Qualities to be Recognised

To be a FIFA match official is not about being able to pass the physical fitness test. Neither is it about having the capability to handle difficult situation or making critical decisions well. There are more to that. Having the right personality does not mean the meeting of the desired physical, pleasant in your approach or appearance or being like by people. So what is it?
There are the "X-factors" or the finer points that make one different from others or that give you the better edge over others. An excellent FIFA referees should be THOROUGH - very good understanding and interpretation on the knowledge of the Laws of the game, thorough with the procedures and guidelines for referees and assistant referees, thorough (knows everything) about the competition rules and regulation; METICULOUS - knows all the details that need to be attended to like: one official only for tactical instruction, players warming out, officials not in a responsible manner, warming up procedures, going into extra time or the penalty shoot-out and so on; ASSERTIVE - have a strong personality to push your power or weight to the players, make strong critical decisions or take strong action and still being accepted by players or team officials, showing the right sanctions (verbal, yellow or red card) at the right moment and right place; ATTENTIVE - always in the state of awareness of what is happening on and off the field all the time.
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