FIFA MA Elite Referees Course

FIFA MA Elite Referees Course

Friday, January 21, 2011

Registration of Referee 2011

FAM has open its registration for football and FUTSAL referees for the year 2011.
The forms can taken from the Referees Department and return on or before 10 February 2011.

Regulation need to be followed:
1. Referees will only be registered after they had fulfilled the requirement:
- passed medical test, FIFA physical test, theory est and attend Seminar.

2. Only registered referees will be given equipments as approved by the Referees Committee for the year.

3. All FIFA Referees and Assistant Referees may not be registered as FUTSAL Referees and shall not referee any FUTSAL matches.

4. Island referees can request for registration via e-mail ( or download the forms from

5. Testing in islands will be carried after April and the island concern will be informed.

6. Course for Football and FUTSAL referees will held in Male every year to increase the number of referees. Islands who are interested to have course can apply to the Football Association of Maldives.

7. No other association or individual body has the authority to run any course or certified the course other than FAM.

8. FAM as the sole controlling body for football and FUTSAL activities has the sole authority to sanction any competitions or appoint the referees. No other association or body has the right to do so.

9. Island who uses referees that are not appointed by FAM will not be given any attention or assistance.

10. All matters concerning refereeing, courses, competitions or related matted on football should be referred to the Football Association of Maldives.

11. Seminar for FUTSAL Referees - 27 February - 4 March 2011

12. Seminar for Football Referees - 20 - 25 March 2011.-

Monday, January 17, 2011

FAM Football Seminar

January 17, 2011 - Football Association of Maldives had its Seminar on Football at the Youth Centre in Male'. Members from clubs, media, referees, coaches and sports personnel were invited to give their their view towards enhancing the Dhiraagu Dhivehi League 2011.
In the development of football in Maldives, there are the basic elements that influence its performance, the players, match officials, team officials, Club's owners, organizers (FAM), supporters, sponsors, media and Ministry of Youth and Sports.

All these elements have their own strengths and weaknesses, which will affect or have effects on the other elements. Performance of the players and their professional attitude towards each match is their responsibility to ensure that their fans or supporters are always being entertained and contented. This will then enhance the gate collection which is the additional financial source. Professional approach in handling the team by team officials ensure team work and joint performance and results. Reaction of team officials to decisions of match officials may calm or incite the players and also the supporters. When players lose their concentration, it will result in mistake, aggression, injury, card or sent off and receiving goal. Excellent strategy and flow of the attack and defense by players will enhance the movement of the referees and thus improve his refereeing standards. High quality play with full commitment to produce good entertainment will bring the crowd to the stadium. Incited supporters will bring about aggression and unruly reactions. Sponsors will get their extra mileage through crowd and also good media coverage. Good quality media coverage will also raise the standards of the matches to receive AFC of FIFA recognition to put the video clips into their weekly show (e.g. Football Asia).
More often, we tend to see negative reaction from the elements. If every elements involved keep finding the fault and error the others or trying to shift their own weaknesses to others, there will not be a solution to improve the quality of football in the playing, organizing, selling, sponsoring and producing quality players for the country. All these elements should compliment or supplement each other in order to create a bonding towards bringing Dhivehi football to the eyes of the world. The organizer (FAM) with the assistance and support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports can make wonders in Maldives if they work closely, with each enhancing each other. There may be differences in the color of the flag but there are a lot of similarities. We pray to the same God (Allah), the same direction (Kiblat), speak the same language (Dhivehi) and eat the same food (roshi, garudhia). Football is a public entity and thus needs to be given a special attention and support. This will definitely bring the level of Dhivehi football to the highest standard so that one day, Maldives will stand the same height as other football giant in the world.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ali Azim - AFC Executive Committee Member

Ali Azim, President of Football Association of Maldives has been elected as one of the Executive Committee Member (2011 -2015) in the 24th AFC Congress held in Doha, Qatar on the 6th of January 2011.
Commenting to reporters, Ali Azim admitted that the post is not a privilege but a huge responsibility.

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