FIFA MA Elite Referees Course

FIFA MA Elite Referees Course

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Coaches & Referees Mutual Understanding

Mutual understanding among the referees and coaches and officials in the Dhiraagu Dhivehi League is a vital scenario to create and make its existence stays. The patience and understanding of each others' role and state anxiety condition will give a better professional action to each others' reactions.
Development of referees is a long gradual process and varies from individuals with regards to talent and the commitment of the referees. This is similar with the development of players from normal potential talented players to excellent ones. More often it takes years to develop a referee into an excellent one with the ability to sprint and move gracefully with the flow of fast attacking football, understanding football strategies and the emotional aspect of players, coaches and also officials, take instant action on fouls and misconduct and gives appropriate sanction accordingly and overcoming difficult situation or confrontation with assertiveness, calmness and consistency. In the process of becoming in to their best performance, mistakes do occur and this needs the cooperation and patience of the team officials as much as the coaches are patience with the mistakes made by their up and coming players.
Grooming young talented or potential referees into excellent strong referees needs great patience, perseverance and commitment of the trainer and also the individual referee himself. Grooming includes exposing them to matches at different level, critical observation, proper guidance, appropriate sanctions, motivation, training, debriefing, video observation and many other relevant techniques in molding them into better ones. Even the more experienced ones do make mistakes but absorbing the mistakes made by the younger ones can be painful and breathtaking by the instructors, assessors, administrator and even the team officials. But with the main aim of producing the good ones from the small pool of referees available some sacrifice of tolerable nature needs to be given.
The end products, we hope to see are talented potential referees developing into strong, intelligent and excellent referees of high caliber. With excellent referees the level of DHIVEHI Football will also rise to a respectable level in the region or Asia.

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